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“ Treeel Co., Ltd. develops and supplies the world's best electronic materials."

Through creative development and innovation, functional electronic materials products of our company are differentiated and superior in quality, contributing to our customers' competitiveness in quality.

Greetings Thank you for visiting the Treeel homepage.
Treeel was established in 2015 dreaming a global leader specialized in precision chemical materials and succeeded in developing compounds for display and semiconductor .

Our main products are following:

1. Oxime type high-sensitivity photo initiator with excellent out-gas property
2. Ultra-high refractive index monomer made in pure organic materials without sulfur or phosphorus
3. PAG(Photo Acid Generator) used for semiconductors and display. We will continue to innovate and develop new products.

We are always listening to our customers' needs and reflect them quickly to new product development and lead customer sentiment.
Treeel Co., Ltd. will continue to grow despite the rapidly changing market environment with nonstop R&D and share profits with customers, shareholders and Thank you

CEO Ugun Byun
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